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Don't take it from me! Listen to the women I've already helped! Together we have changed their lives for the better!

"My main hesitation when it came to start coaching was the money I would be investing in something I felt like I should be able to accomplish on my own. 

In the months I have been on this incredible journey, I have achieved so much more than I ever thought I would. My body has changed into something I feel proud of when I look in the mirror. My eating lifestyle has improved and evolved into something that makes me feel so much stronger and healthier.  

My mindset has also changed because I don't see foods as "good" or "bad", I see it as something that will either give me the protein I need, or the carbs that I am craving."

- Odalis O

“My biggest hesitation was the financial side of it. It felt a little daunting to invest actual money into it. I had no accountability before so I wasn’t as motivated to workout and eat right. No one was asking what I was doing.So far I’ve achieved a lower weight than I was before I had kids!My confidence is higher than it’s been in a long time! I’ve also learned a lot about my body and what it needs to be healthy.”

- Charmaine M
“ I have tried and failed so many other weight loss programs and fad diets, and I was afraid that coaching would just be another thing like that. I felt like I was always dieting and I even tried things like going to a weight loss doctor and being on weight loss medications ... never found something that was truly a lifestyle change . . . The results I have had since starting this coaching program have been great! I have lost I think about 25lbs during my coaching, but more than the weight loss what I’m most proud of is my muscle gain and being able to recomp my body. I KNOW I’ve gained muscle, because I'm a smaller size now than when I was 15lbs lighter in the past."

- Jennifer M
- David M
One of the biggest things I got from McKayla's program that I was not expecting at all was stress management and balancing out mental health with physical health. Many times through my program, I got sick or had bigger stressful events in my life. During those times, McKayla provided support, as well as valuable insights on how I could reframe my thoughts, when to back off on my physical goals when I needed to prioritize stress-management, and learning how to balance all of that. I thought for sure her program was going to be a strict diet and a rigid workout program, but I was pleasantly surprised how much my mental health and stress management skills improved through her program.

- Camri J
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