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New Year New You: Are You Doing What’s Easy, or Are You Doing What’s Required?

Last year I decided to do my New Year Resolutions a little differently. I was sick of making the same goals each year without ever truly accomplishing them. So last year I decided that instead of setting a goal that would be pass or fail I wanted to set an intention or word for the year. Something that would be top of mind as I went about each day, something that would change the way I handled situations in the moment. Extreme Ownership became my focus for the year, and it truly changed the way I think and respond in a way no other New Year goal had ever done. 

girl walking two horses in the sunset.

Going forward I will set an intention such as that, something that will help build the foundation of the person I want to become. Each new year they won’t disappear but be a launching pad for what is to come. 

So this year…. I’m a bit terrified to write this because once named and written down it becomes real… But because it brings these emotions up, I know that its the right thing and it’s going to boost my growth. 

This year is the year I become pro! 

I’ve always set a high standard for myself but often times those high standards have created self loathing and self depreciation which is why my last year’s intention, Extreme Ownership, was so important. From learning to take responsibility of the things that were out of my control to the little reactions I have when my husband does gross things ;) - this mindset focus has taught me a lot about myself and how truly empowering it is to take responsibility for every piece of my life. I noticed it gave me back power. Instead of feeling sorry for the things that were happening to me, I was able to see how I could navigate through those situations without feeling weak. With this mindset to back me up, I’m ready to dive into what becoming a pro means to me. 

Now becoming pro to me holds a little different expectation than you might think. I’m not shooting for being paid for a certain sport endeavor (as cool as that would be) but to showing up with the same discipline, dedication and consistency that a pro shows to their craft. In the words of Cody Mcbroom in episode 942 of the Tailored Life Podcast“Are you doing what’s easy, or are you doing what’s required?” This is going to be the phrase that repeats itself in my head as I move forward this year. 

I want to be a pro athlete, a pro endurance rider, and a pro business owner.

Much of my expectations for these go hand in hand in supporting the goals of the other, because each of these are integral parts of who I am as a woman. 

Pro Athlete:

I expect a lot out of myself in this area because it’s something I truly love and grow from but also because it goes hand in hand with how I’m able to show up as a business owner/coach, a wife, and endurance rider. 

Girl doing a deadlift.

Without my dedication in this area I wouldn’t be able to lead my clients by example - and that’s something I won’t stand for. I wouldn’t want to work with a coach who had never struggled and overcome those struggles, and I wouldn’t be able to show up as the person I expect myself to be for my horse, my clients, or my family. 

To be a professional athlete I expect myself to eat, train, and rest like an athlete!

I’m already consistent with these things but I’m not as disciplined as I would expect a professional athlete to be. So I will be tracking these things more accurately and more disciplined this year to truly show what can be achieved. 

I also have some specific physique goals which I won’t go too deeply into here yet, it’s enough to say that I want to level up significantly. 

Pro Endurance Rider:

I am still so new to this sport, but I’m already so excited and dedicated to my path forward. Being Pro with this, this year means I will show up as the athlete I need to be, to be the best possible partner for my horse, Sandy - AND I will support her in becoming the best possible athlete she can be as well. 

Girl in pink riding a horse into the hills.

This means I will take things a bit more intense then many who may read this and that’s okay, because that’s what I want to do. I want to see what a year of extreme dedication can bring for Sandy and me. We may not, and most likely will not, win any races but I want to see how well we complete and how Sandy’s vet cards improve with each ride. 

A big part of this goal also means giving back as much as I can to the sport itself, as a pro would do. I will continue to document and share what I’m learning along the way in hopes to continue to support other people entering in or wanting to compete as well. Then see what other opportunities arise as I go forward this year. 

Pro Business Owner:

The other two targets are big pieces that will support this last and final piece: becoming a pro business owner. 

Woman smiling at camera.

I’ve battled a lot over the last few years as I’ve grown my business, never sure exactly the direction and scale I wanted to take it. But each year has brought more clarity and I know that no matter what level I take my business I want to stay true to my brand of helping as many horse girls gain in strength and confidence with their horses while teaching them how to think about their health and equine partnership in a way that allows more freedom and connection

A big part of being able to do that is leading from the front, showing them what’s possible with my own journey. I’m excited to see what this year has in store for me as I move forward knowing that I’ll do what’s required and not just what’s easiest. 

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