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The Beginning of the Journey

Hi there! I’m McKayla and welcome to my blog!

I am thrilled to be able to share my health and wellness journey with you all as well as my plethora of knowledge about being a horsewoman in this modern world. Allow me to share a bit about myself as we get started.

Mckayla standing with her mare Sandy

I am a crazy horse girl, chocolate fanatic, slightly crazy wife (but he loves me anyway ;) ), and mom to two horses, two dogs, a cat, and 17 chickens. I’m also the owner of MaK Athletes LLC where I specialize in helping horsewomen get stronger, feel better, and ride confidently without spending hours in the gym or giving up their favorite foods.

I’ve been around horses my whole life and have always loved them. But, I was taught to ride by having someone throw me up on a horse and shout “hang on!” (which, I feel, is a fairly common shared experience for many horsewomen). Because of the trial by fire method of learning I had many accidents as I grew up, some that even made me afraid of horses for years. However, my love for those crazy animals outweighed my fear of them. I learned to work through my fears, and did the work to fill the gaps in my education and now horses are a huge part of my life.

I have spent over 12 years learning from some of the most amazing teachers, trainers, and horses who’ve challenged my way of thinking and have helped shape the horsewoman I am today. I studied horses in college then went on to teach equine science and instruct students at a private school for 4 years. After which I branched off to create my own business that specializes in helping people regain confidence and gain knowledge in their riding journeys.

While in the midst of my learning, I began noticing that all of my rider’s confidence was rooted in the way they viewed their bodies and the time they put into their health off the saddle. Because of this correlation, I began my study into fitness and nutrition, becoming certified as an Elite Coach, a Fitness Coach, a Nutrition Specialist, a Yoga Instructor, and a Transformation Coach.

I began coaching my riding clients with the intention to help strengthen their seats while in our sessions, but I realized that they needed much more than just a couple of sessions a week to see results. They needed something that would become a lifestyle. So, I created my R.I.D.E Method, to help horsewomen gain confidence in their bodies and their riding without giving up their favorite foods, spending hours in the gym, AND making their riding a part of the process. I’ve been able to help hundreds of women change their bodies, minds, and lifestyles so they can ride with confidence!

I’ve created this blog as a way to connect with and help women like you whether that’s taking on a new journey with your horse or learning how to change your body while keeping up with your busy life - I’m here for you!

Be sure to stay tuned for my Endurance journey and health tips!

Feel free to check out my Insta as well!

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