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Endurance Racing Unleashed: Mastering the First Year with my RIDE Method

Girl is riding gear leading a horse.

How my RIDE Method prepared me for my first year in endurance. 

You've been along for the ride as I tackled Endurance racing competitions this year. We've shared the highs, the lows, and a whole bunch of sore muscles together!

Now, let me spill the beans on my secret—the RIDE Method—that got me and my mare, Sandy, through this journey.

🏇 Making Riding a Non-Negotiable: I made riding the most important part of my week, non-negotiable! Just like planning out my gym sessions, I mapped out my riding progressions. .

💪 Better Riding, Less Soreness: I leveled up my riding game by perfecting my posture and seat. No more needless aches—more miles. Sandy and I both recovered from hip issues and are now mostly pain-free!

📆 Locking in Ride Dates: I committed by putting my money where my mouth is! Scheduled specific ride dates, with deposits down to keep me from chickening out. Accountability at its finest.

🥗 Nutrition and Training Overhaul: My training and nutrition got a makeover to match my riding goals. It wasn't just about me; Sandy deserved a top-notch partner too!

🚫 Breaking Up with Bad Habits: Identified and dumped those habits that weren't serving me—goodbye, endless Reels! It freed up time for what really mattered.

💪 Facing the Sacrifices: Yeah, it wasn't all rainbows and butterflies. There were days I'd rather be on the couch than conditioning Sandy. And those tempting fat-loss goals? I waved goodbye to them when they began to lead me away from the bigger picture.

Just like I hold my clients accountable, I knew slacking off wasn't an option. Staying true to my goals, whether in training or nutrition, was my commitment to the bigger picture.

👊 Ready to Ride? Let's Chat! If you're itching for someone to keep you on track while making your horse part of the journey, shoot me a message! Together, we'll make your goals unstoppable!

How I’ve used my RIDE Method to prepare for my races

This year you’ve watched me ride in Endurance competitions for the first time. You’ve seen some of the bad days and some of the good. 

But today I wanted to share with you how I’ve prepared my own body and mind for this journey using my RIDE Method

  • I made my riding a non-negotiable part of my week and planned out my progressions just like I do with my own training. I also learned how to hold myself better so I could do more miles without making myself or Sandy sore. 

  • I set specific ride dates and put money down so i knew I wouldn’t back out. Then I changed my training and nutrition to support my riding goals. 

  • I identified particular habits that weren’t surviving me, like the time I spent scrolling through Instagram and I practiced maintaining those. 

All of these required sacrifices, and there have been a lot of days when I really didn’t want to spend the time I needed to condition Sandy or train myself. And even more days when I wanted to switch my nutrition goals from maintenance into fat-loss. 

But, part of what I hold my client’s accountable to is staying true to their goals, and I knew if I didn’t train like I planned or went back into a fat loss phase too early that I would be sacrificing my overall goal. 

If you’re ready to have someone hold you accountable to what you’re truly wanting to achieve and to make your horse a part of that process, message me to learn more!

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